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The Arab world is a place of constant change, rich and diverse yet often misunderstood. In 2009, I founded TAKREEM to challenge stereotypes and promote values like peacebuilding, tolerance, dialogue, and empathy within the Arab community. TAKREEM aims to uplift Arab youth, promote entrepreneurship, and advance gender equity and human rights. This mission is increasingly vital in today’s world, which needs bridges, understanding, and collaboration.

To expand globally, TAKREEM AMERICA was established in 2019 and launched in 2022, connecting Arab Americans to their heritage and fostering inclusivity and prosperity. In 2022, with support from our patrons, we aided Lebanese students in the USA by covering their tuition, helping families affected by the crisis. We are committed to continuing this tradition of supporting worthy causes each year.

TAKREEM AMERICA is meant to be a testament to the invaluable achievements of those who came to the American continent with very little but were able to do so much. It is where we show the world what the Arab American community truly stands for. It is where we remind ourselves who we are, and find the strengths in one another, as a community, to become even more.


Founder & Chair of the Board


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